Aloha and welcome to Maui Banyans Unit Renovations page. Here we hope to provide guidance in what Maui Banyan’s standards are regarding unit renovations. Below is a link to download the form needed to perform unit renovations.

Unit Renovations Rules


Quiet times 8am-9am & 4pm-5pm are designated times for loading and unloading

Work times or loud noises are from 9am – 4pm Mon – Saturday

Sundays and holidays no work is allowed except for emergency repair

  1. The use of power tools, hammering, removal, cutting or grinding tiles etc. are considered loud work and must be done within the unit and not on the lanai or building common area.
  2. The drop-off areas fronting buildings G/H & P/Q are to be used for loading and unloading purposes only. Do not leave any vehicles parked unattended.  Contractors’ vehicles parked on-site must have a permit issued by the AOAO office.  Parking permit must be clearly displayed on the vehicle’s front driver’s side dash.  Please use any un-covered parking stall that has not been designated as “reserved for owner”.  Vehicles parked on property without a parking permit are subject to be towed at contractors/owner’s expense.
  3. Insurance – The AOAO as well as the State of Hawaii require that all contractors, subcontractors and vendors must carry insurance. Additionally, the association requires that all liability insurance documents, or Certificate of Insurance “COI” solely include the “AOAO Maui Banyan” as additionally insured with the following requirements:
Minimum Liability Requirements
Employers’ Liability $100,000              Bodily Injury-Each Accident

$500,000              Disease-Policy Limit

$100,000              Disease-Each Employee

Automobile Liability $1,000,000           Bodily Injury-Per Person

$1,000,000           Bodily Injury-Per Accident

$1,000,000           Property Damage-Per Accident

General Liability $2,000,000           General Aggregate

$2,000,000           Products/Completed Operations

$1,000,000           Personal/Advertising Injury

$1,000,000           Each Occurrence

$50,000                 Fire Damage

$5,000                   Medical Expense

Umbrella (Excess) Liability $1,000,000           Aggregate
Workers Compensation $1,000,000         E.L. Each Accident

$1,000,000           E.L. Disease- EA Employee

$1,000,000           E.L. Disease- Policy Limit

This COI must be on file in the AOAO office prior to the onset of construction/renovation.

  1. Flooring must meet a medium quality noise rating of 50 STC (Sound Transmission Class) and 60 FIIC (Impact Insulation Class). Proof must be provided with documentation.
  2. Air Conditioning installation standards must be followed, please see attached documentation. Also, you are responsible for the upkeep of your ac which includes annual maintenance that comprises of pouring bleach or some mold remedying solution in your ac pan at least once a quarter to ensure drain flow. E.g., One cup of Clorox poured down ac pan every quarter.
  3. Lanais – Whenever replacing or repairing your lanai tile you must use non-slip whites, tans or cream-colored tile and a water proofing membrane such as RedGard as a protective underlayment.
  4. Property shopping carts and luggage carts are not to be used to transport any material.
  5. All household appliances and furniture stored on the lanai during renovations must always be covered by a cream-colored tarp. Any items deemed unsightly by the Board or Managing Agent shall be removed upon request.
  6. No materials are to be stored in or on any common elements.
  7. All common elements must be kept clean at all times, while any damage to the property by contractor/owner’s actions will be the responsibility of the owner. Any clean-up, painting or building repair performed by the AOAO employees because of contractor/owner’s actions will be charged at the prevailing rate per hour plus tax and replacement materials to the owner.
  8. Any damage to the landscape caused by a contractor/owner will be the responsibility of the owner. The Association will contract for repair of the damage and bill back the owner.
  9. Any interruption of utilities (water or electric) must be coordinated through the AOAO office at least seventy-two hours prior to shut down 11am – 3pm.
  10. Contractors/owners are responsible for all refuse from their work area. No construction debris including liquid waste (paint), appliances or furniture pieces are to be disposed of in any rubbish bins, poured down the drain or on any part of the Maui Banyan property.

Please submit all renovation requests to


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